Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Coats are hands down my favorite accessory alongside shoes, but coats are certainly
an equal asset. Some of you may take coats for granted, you figure, oh i’ll just throw it on to keep me warm, but once I get to the place I need to be, ::POOF:: you don’t see it until the end of the day. On the contrary, coats do much more than you’d assume. The best part about a great coat, is that you can wear absolutely anything or nothing underneath it, yet at the same time, pull off a fashionable ensemble. Pajamas? Underwear? Who cares? With a great coat, no one will ever need to see beneath the surface because the coat can be the entire outfit! That is if you have good taste in coats.

Like shoes, coats have a numerous variety to select from. A coat that would be a great investment for this fall would be the Boyfriend Coat. From the ones I’ve seen so far, I won’t be able to choose just one. Another great investment would be a leather jacket, just because. A leather jacket could look cute with a lot, but instead of doing the typical black, try looking for a brown leather, or even white.

Situation without the cute coat: You know those days when you’re exhausted, or hungover, whatever it may be, you need to get out of your apartment and go get breakfast, or coffee, I don’t know- but for some reason you just had to get out of your apartment…so you walk out with your hair a mess, rolled up sweatpants, a ripped up t-shirt, and of course it’s when you bump into the one person you REALLY didn’t want to see. The awkward conversation begins, you’re playing with your hair, just trying to get out of there as soon as possible.

Situation with a cute coat: Trot down the street in whatever the hell you were wearing when you rolled out of bed, and you HOPE you bump into anyone you know, be that annoying person and START the conversation, all because you look so fucking cool in your cute coat.

Well this is the perfect time to start thinking about it. Fall is approaching, and I suggest you think of what kind of fall you want it to be for yourself. The kind where you look cute all the time, or ….there shouldn’t even be an or. Why wouldn’t you want to look cute all the time?

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