Thursday, September 24th, 2009

(Skirt turned dress: Giorgio Sant’Angelo)
Photographed by my sister Danielle
I decided to take photographs of this dress because it’s something I often do with clothing. I like to buy long skirts where I can wear them as the skirt but I can also turn them into a strapless dress. You can’t just do it with any skirt though, because some look ridiculous as a dress. A lot of the time it works to belt it too, but this one is pretty fitting so I didn’t have to. It was my sisters, she had it for two years, and then I took it for two years, then my little sister had it as well. It’s one of those pieces we pass around, and all got great use out of it. This weather is really confusing. I don’t know what clothing to store for summer anymore and what to keep out. When will it officially be fall?!?!

p.s: tried using photobucket to enhance the photographs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    favorite dress/skirt looks so comfortable and so adorable

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