Tops at ShopNastyGal

Monday, September 28th, 2009

So I went through all the tops on ShopNastyGal and they really had a plethora to choose from. I love this silver-ish metal and black top. When I picture it as an outfit, I think putting it with tight black jeans and bright red lipstick. The intricate detailing on the bottom and the neckline stand out the most to me. The black sequined top I kind of adore. Normally, if I were in a store I am not a big sequin fan, and usually stay away from that area, but this happens to be really cool. I love love love that it’s long sleeve. It’s a lot in one top, so whatever you choose for the bottom has to be simple. In the photograph, if you are ballsy enough, I even happen to love the bottoms she is wearing with it, it suits the top perfectly. Either way, look through the tops, it is so reasonably priced and you can find a ton of things for the fall, casual and for nights out.

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