A word from L.A.- Aziza H. Dyer

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Initially for this post I set out to to find someone dripping with style on the streets of LA. After a few days of hunting for my victim in Malibu, I began to notice an ever present fashion faux pas…

If anyone understands that the fashion fads of the eighties and nineties are back in full effect its me. I rock my neons, jewel tones, and Club Master Ray Bans every day with pride. While people watching, I saw so many amazing nineties nostalgic pieces, but no great ensembles. I think I have figured out why. When piecing an outfit together with elements of eighties and nineties style, the key is to make things pop, and not overwhelm the eye. For example, pick one retro item. It can be anything, a top, bottom, accessory, outerwear, whatever you decide. Let that chosen item be the centerpiece of your ensemble for the day. This way you’re achieving a far more accurate vintage look than if you were to just plaster yourself in color, creating sensory overload. Take a look at this L.A. Gear ad from 1992 endorsing the Michael Jackson L.A. Gear sneaker line. MJ is clad head to toe in black and what pops…? The shoe! The red and metallic silver detailing really stand out and make much more of a statement than if they were to be paired with other super loud pieces. Next, here’s a snapshot of Anna Wintour in 1992 as well, once again using a mix of muted/neutral tones paired with neons, to make a statement and not a catastrophe. Notice how she has used shape, and fabric as elements of style, versus color. She kept her color palate simple while there is nothing simple about her outfit as a whole.

Adding a splash of excitement, and even leaning a bit toward the understated side always leaves people wanting more, and makes you stand out in a crowd. I guarantee that more of your style will be appreciated, and far more noticed than before. Here are some other examples of vintage inspired pieces and ads, that make a little something go a long way. Remember… I am the poster child for those who seldom follow the “rules” when it comes to putting my gear on BUT there’s a way to go about breaking all the rules, without simultaneously shattering mirrors

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is amazing

  2. Anonymous says:

    would be an interesting to see you do a post on MJ's influence on the military jacket style

  3. Anonymous says:

    or maybe all his fashion influence for that matter.

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