Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Alexa Meyer Photography
(Vivenne Tam Skirt, Topshop suede fringe jacket, Elizabeth and James booties, Rings and Necklaces: vintage)
I pulled up to Alexa’s apartment and we carried in bags of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Completely disheveled, we decided to organize all of the clothing, shoes, and accessories and go with whatever we felt fit the mood. At first I wanted to photograph this black Vivienne Tam skirt AS a skirt and just close the velvet fringe jacket, but once on, it didn’t look the way I saw it in my head. I’ve actually photographed this black skirt before as a dress over the summer. It sometimes really irritates me that it was purchased as a skirt, and not once have I used it in that manner. Anyway, since it’s tuesday night, my state of mind was going out mode (although, this is so not wearable in the weather at this moment and I wasn’t going out), I was still in a toasty apartment overlooking Manhattan and this is what grabbed me. We laid out all of my jewelry on the table and together we chose random rings and necklaces. Tonight we put together almost 10 outfits, and photographed every single one, so much more to come. I’m sorry for the delay this past week, but i’ll be back on track now!
Stay warm!
x, Arielle

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You have the most impeccable sense of style. Keep at it please, you have a large captivated audience. Thanks.

  2. Arielle Noa says:

    thank you so much! puts a big smile on my face!

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