Moroccan Fur

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Alexa Meyer Photography
(Necklace: from my sister; Skirt: Kimchi Blue; Top: Humanoid; Black hand made Moroccan fur cape; Miu Miu pumps)
This was sort of a last minute outfit. I had extra things lying around in Alexa’s apartment and I really wanted to put my black fur moroccan cape my mother bought for me with something. I actually wore it to a charity event with a mini black long sleeve Alexander Wang dress, which I have yet to photograph. In these photos, I paired it with a shirt my mom was about to sell by a brand called Humanoid. My mom started this “mini business” one might say, where she sells all of her old clothing and accessories that she doesn’t want or wear anymore and then uses her check to buy new things. The funny thing is, I always catch some of my favorite pieces of clothing lying in the brown box about to be sealed and shipped off. This shirt though was hers, and I had to snatch it before it was to be sold. I am wearing a black tulle skirt by Kimchi Blue, pretty easy to go with anything. The belt is a mens H&M belt that I live in. I prefer to buy mens belts, considering they are always softer and more worn in, and can fit any way you need it. High waisted or waist level. I photographed this necklace in a previous post, my older sister gave it to me from a shoot she did. I am obsessed with it, but probably one of the heaviest things to wear. The brown pumps I got on a sale rack, last pair my size, distressed brown leather.

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