Sunday, January 10th, 2010

(Tank top: Row, Shoes: Topshop, Fur Shawl: Carlos Miele)

Finally! I’m truly sorry as to how long it took for me to update, almost a month! I was sick for over a week, and had no energy to even lift up a t-shirt. If I even photographed the outfits that were worn the past week and a half, no one would look at my blog. I went to my friend Jessica’s house, where I can always be sure to find some random vintage pieces in her closet, to put together some fun new outfits.

Vacation just ended, and I’m still caught in between summer attire and winter, so my mix of colors will portray that confusion. This first outfit that we took pictures of was this warn in ripped up Row tank top, and on top of it I threw over this fur Carlos Miele shawl, (for sure going to keep you warm in this 15 degree weather ;)), and vintage printed leggings.

I must say, I am so against printed tights or leggings (I do not own a pair) but Jessica just got back from Africa this morning, and I was inspired! I am wearing my Topshop booties, and new rings from Forever 21! (Best jewelry EVER.) Enjoy, more to come tomorrow.

Stay warm! xx A

3 Responses to “animal.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ur tan. FEEL BETTER

  2. Anonymous says:

    are printed leggings bad???

  3. Arielle Noa says:

    thank you!

    i don't necessarily think printed leggings are bad at all! they just don't fit my personal style exactly, and i don't find them to be too flattering to the body. it really depends on the kind you buy, whether its thin material or if its not to heavy of a print, it varies for sure.

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