my golden globe favorites of 2010

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010





(Drew Barrymore: Atelier Versace, Emily Blunt: Dolce&Gabbana, January Jones: Lanvin, Zoe Saldana: Louis Vuitton, Penelope Cruz: Giorgio Armani Prive)

At first I hated Zoe Saldana’s dress (although she is one of my top 5 favorite dressers), but after a while it grew on me. Not only is the color absolutely stunning on her, but the detailing of this Louis Vuitton gown is beyond.

As for Drew Barrymore, I don’t know if it’s the dress that I love or if it’s the energy she gave off all night. She was just glowing and seemed so happy, I thought she looked amazing all together.

Emily Blunt is also usually great on the red carpet, I thought her dress was really classy and fresh, and I really enjoyed seeing that color. I don’t know how much I love the hair though.

January Jones was my favorite! I am a huge Lanvin fan, and I thought she looked so cool, so great. I love the headband, I love that she chose black, she was probably my favorite of all.

Penelope Cruz is just absolutely gorgeous, she always looks amazing. She was tan and chose black and still stood out. I thought her gown was fantastic and I love how her hair is done. I love the tight bodice and the flare out bottom.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i agree all the way arielle!!!! drew barrymore was glowin

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