tie up

Thursday, January 21st, 2010


Alexa Meyer Photography
(Jeans: JBRAND, Heels: Chanel)

New jeans that I can not take off. They are so different! Finally something new in the JBRAND department. Although, I am addicted to their legging material jeans. They are my favorite in the world.

My friend Lyndsey introduced me to these jeans, and I died for them. How cool is the tying instead of a zipper and button, as well as on the bottom back? Stepping out of your jean comfort and trying something new feels better than a new pair of shoes! Maybe. Actually no, but certainly a close tie.

I am meeting Alexa on saturday to photograph lots more, including more jeans that are not your usual. Have a good weekend all.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    lovin the shoes

  3. Anonymous says:

    amazing…lovin the top btw

  4. Anonymous says:

    just bought those j brands, love them!

    also I would love bar outfit ideas,,,, I am running out of fun quirky outfits for those bar nights!

    Love your blog
    xoxo, Liz

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