wooden soul.

Thursday, January 28th, 2010




Alexa Meyer Photography
(Skirt: Balenciaga, Sweater: Isabel Marant, Belt: Prada, Shoes: Marc Jacobs, Scarf: Mens Ralph Lauren, Sunglasses: Vintage wayfarers)

This is just another outfit to wear day time, not any time soon, because I froze my butt off standing outside in this. This skirt is something I would wear out at night with just a worn in white t-shirt and heels, but I felt like making it a cozy day time so I paired it with this amazing Isabel Marant sweater. It fits exactly the way you want a sweater to fit; a little baggy with sleeves that go over your hands :).

This scarf is so cool, I should of had Alexa take more detailed photographs of it because if you were to see it closely you would see that it looks like someone cut it up with a scissor and frayed it. It’s so soft too, I really need to start putting my scarves to use. I hardly ever wear them and I think scarves are a really great addition to a simple outfit.

Making a flat fancy, these Marc Jacobs are patent leather with a wooden sole. Since I was going more towards a day time outfit I figured flats would look best to complete it. The sunglasses my older sister gave me when we got to St. Barths, I haven’t taken them off since. I am so not a sunglasses person, I often forget to put them on when it’s sunny out so I never really invested time into finding the right pair. When it comes to bags and sunglasses I just take what my sister gives me.

Shoes on the other hand….

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    that skirt is awesome!

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