Sunday, January 31st, 2010



Alexa Meyer Photography
(Jacket: Alexander Wang, Rings: F21)

I had to squeeze in this jacket because I think it’s so interesting. How many zippers could you put on one jacket? There is literally a zipper in every place you could put a zipper, and normally I would be very displeased with this sort of design but the way it was done was very tasteful. I love how the zippers are black and the entire jacket is beige, as if they really want to emphasize the zippers. I also love that it is asymmetrical, it sort of goes really well the confusion, but makes sense.

Of course F21 rings again, I have now collected up to 80 rings from there and never know which rings to wear with what, or how many to wear on one hand. I usually just stick to golds or silvers.

Hopefully everyone stayed warm during the bare winter weekend!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i really like this jacket and i get what your saying about the zippers but it still looks cooL!

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