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Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Alexa Meyer Photography
(T-shirt: American Apparel, Skirt: Topshop, Jacket: H&M, Pumps: Steve Madden, Knee highs: SockMan, Rings: F21)

So this skirt I bought at Topshop last week, I’m usually not a fan of the skirts with designs but I sort of fell in love with this one when I saw it. I loved that it had navy polka dots. The jacket I bought 4 years ago! Another H&M purchase from back in the day. I loved the color and considering I own nothing in purple this added some excitement to my wardrobe. I hardly ever wear it though. MUST NOTE: NEED TO WEAR MY CLOTHES.
American Apparel makes great white t-shirts, I don’t like to shop there but for the simple things like solid t-shirts I’m all for it. Of course these pumps that I apparently can’t take off. Maybe you’re able to notice that when I buy a pair of shoes I wear them an obnoxious amount of times until I realize I need to change it up. I did something risky last night. I wore a summer dress with tights to my best friends birthday party. Not gonna lie, it worked out and I didn’t freeze to death! Close enough though.

Sunday, yesss!


Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Alexa Meyer Photography
(Dress: Vintage, Boots: Michael Kors)

This vest was part of a suit that was my mothers back in the day, and i was absolutely obsessed with it. To make it my own though I turned it into a mini dress. I wanted it to be fitted to my body so I added this waist belt. I don’t know if the boots are my favorite choice to of paired it with opposed to my Brian Atwood pumps, but these kind of make it more fun rather than fancy. I love that it’s a shiny gold, but a light gold. I don’t own much in gold so to have a dress like this added into my closet is kind of exciting. It would also be great for the summer, gold + tan = perfection. I know we hate tights, but it sometimes makes an outfit look chicer. I think. Especially when they’re not too thick. Sometimes we have to endure the freezing to look good!
Like tonight for example. Good luck to all my fellow mini dressers this saturday evening.

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Friday, February 26th, 2010

Alexa Meyer Photography
(Sweater: FreePeople, Tank top: The Row, Pants: H&M, Bow: F21, Booties: Elizabeth&James, Belt: H&M, Ring: F21)

I got these pants like 6 years ago at H&M. I don’t think I ever wear them, so it sort of upset me seeing them sitting in my closet in it’s own loser-ish corner. I figured I’d put it with something. Then I got into this sentimental mode feeling all bad for the things I hardly ever wear. This sweater I also got a few years ago, but I still love it – I love the colors and the shape, it sort of flares out like a bell. The fashion police would mulct me for wearing this tank top on it’s own (without a bra especially) because not only is it completely sheer but it’s ripped in some interesting places. My sister got it for me and I hardly ever take it off, because I mean it’s so thin, and ripped, it makes anything look cool. This headband…..I know – but it’s cute and fun! I wouldn’t actually walk into a party or a dinner with it on, but I like the idea of hair pieces. We sort of gave those up back in 1992, when we’d wear shiny bright colored leggings and oversized sweatshirts. (That’s still totally my favorite time.) I used to have the coolest neon blue leggings, hot pink, purple, green. Wow where are those? I wonder who is wearing them now?

Anyway, enjoy the snow!



Thursday, February 25th, 2010
this weeks must haves!
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Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Alexa Meyer Photography
(Pants: H&M, Button Down: Elizabeth&James, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Blazer: Elizabeth and James, Jewelry: F21)

I was out shopping with my friend Rachel, with zero intention of shopping, sort of just a ‘look through but have some self control’ type scenario. At one point Rachel was like, “lets look into H&M.” That was it, I got upset, a wave of stress came over me. I walked in with an attitude, refusing to even show a hint of interest even if something was beyond ‘had to have’ status. Unfortunately, I have a bit of an issue with H&M. As you can probably tell I hardly ever post anything about them, and my archives are limited with H&M clothing.
When I was in Syracuse, H&M was my hunting ground. My belts, dresses, hats, were all derived from the racks of H&M. One snowy day, I went in and took my sweet time and ravaged through all the racks. Two hours later, I found myself with an ear to ear smile and arms full of buried treasures. I strutted to the register, where I took my place in line with the obvious “cash paying” customers. As I ignorantly stood there envisioning my weekend outfits in my mind, I was startled out of my fashion fantasies by the word ‘NEXT!” I confidently walked up with my new prized possessions, giving an obnoxious smile to the fellow customers, to be rudely awakened by what I thought was impossible to hear. The words you never expect to hear when you’re standing with ‘had to have’ pieces. One sentence is all it took to destroy my fantasy world. I was told ‘they no longer honor my trustee american express!’ How was it possible? I thought it was the only sure thing in life, my family have been members since 1989! THIS IS AMERICA PEOPLE! Anyway, to make a long story short, this one incident led me to accept I will no longer be shopping at H&M.
Regardless of my incident, after walking around for an hour, Rachel and I reached the register where I noticed a sign. A sign that was beaming with sparkles and sunlight and music in the back of my head. “H&M HAVE NOW DECIDED TO ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS.” I pushed Rachel out of the way and ran to the front of the store and began my first hunt in years at an H&M store. The first lucky member of my new closet tribe were these fantastic motorcycle beige jeans. Smart move H&M! You will now see me more often!