Friday, February 26th, 2010

Alexa Meyer Photography
(Sweater: FreePeople, Tank top: The Row, Pants: H&M, Bow: F21, Booties: Elizabeth&James, Belt: H&M, Ring: F21)

I got these pants like 6 years ago at H&M. I don’t think I ever wear them, so it sort of upset me seeing them sitting in my closet in it’s own loser-ish corner. I figured I’d put it with something. Then I got into this sentimental mode feeling all bad for the things I hardly ever wear. This sweater I also got a few years ago, but I still love it – I love the colors and the shape, it sort of flares out like a bell. The fashion police would mulct me for wearing this tank top on it’s own (without a bra especially) because not only is it completely sheer but it’s ripped in some interesting places. My sister got it for me and I hardly ever take it off, because I mean it’s so thin, and ripped, it makes anything look cool. This headband…..I know – but it’s cute and fun! I wouldn’t actually walk into a party or a dinner with it on, but I like the idea of hair pieces. We sort of gave those up back in 1992, when we’d wear shiny bright colored leggings and oversized sweatshirts. (That’s still totally my favorite time.) I used to have the coolest neon blue leggings, hot pink, purple, green. Wow where are those? I wonder who is wearing them now?

Anyway, enjoy the snow!


4 Responses to “bows”

  1. nat says:

    this is so cute! love the bow :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    i happen to think these pants are awesome although i can see why they would sit in the closet, i love them with the booties but not so much with the sweater. i think the sweater is a distraction from the cool pants. i'm also a huge fan of thin and ripped and i always make my vintage t's work so i can wear them in public, despite the inappropriate rips, so i definitely don't fault you for that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i agree. i think the pants are great, the sweater too, what inspired you to wear two opposite patterns? were you in a confused mood? lol. i love checking ur blog because even when u put things together that dont necessarily go, it works, its very artistic.. thats it, you are very creative! keep it up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are there stains on the tank?

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