fire & pink

Monday, February 8th, 2010







Alexa Meyer Photography
Stylist: Jane Kim
(Shorts: Elizabeth&James, Top: Vintage, Booties: Elizabeth&James, Fur Coat: H&M, Gloves: Portolano)

How cool is that fireplace?! When we got to Jane’s apartment it was covered by racks of clothing, we decided to move everything and light all of her candles and put them in there. It’s actually a working fire place that needs to be taken advantage of this week considering we have a snow storm that will actually show up.

This shirt my older sister gave me because she would never in a million years wear pink. I love love love this pink, and I love love love this shirt. It’s just so pretty, with the diamonds and the knit top. Jane paired it with black satin Elizabeth and James shorts that I wanted to steal. (They were hers). They would even look so cute with tights in the winter because they aren’t skin tight and they are satin.

I’ve photographed these booties for sure before. Danielle got them for me from the Elizabeth&James showroom and I live in them. Whatever Danielle doesn’t want, I take it. Our styles are very different so it kind of works out for the best. The fur coat is from H&M, believe it or not they have great faux fur. It doesn’t even really look cheap, at least I don’t think. I also really like off white/white fur for the winter I think it’s really classy and refreshing.


Stay warm!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i heart this! heart the outfit heart the background, heart it all!!! xoxo

  2. Anonymous says:

    alexa meyer is sooo good does she do other photography???

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey arielle, i noticed on ur facebook profile that people were congratualting you and saying how u were such a smartie..would u mind posting below for everyone what the good news was? im so happy for u with this amazing blog i would love to know what else is going on with you…also…can u name some of ur favorite restaurants like a list of 20

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