Monday, February 15th, 2010






Alexa Meyer Photography
(Trousers: JBrand, Tank top: American Apparel, Blazer: Zara, Heels: Prada, Sunglasses: Vintage)

I froze my butt off doing all of these pictures outside, but it was so worth it! Today was beautiful and we needed to use the lighting because it makes the clothing look so much better. Plus the rooftop was an amazing place to shoot.

I bought these pants with my mom about two months ago. We were really going to buy sweatpants for the winter hide-outs (where you just watch movies at home all day), but we both came across these JBrand khaki pants and immediately tried them on. Five minutes later we were in the car both with our new pants.

Unfortunately have to wait a bit to wear them but I wanted to at least photograph something that I think will be really cool for the spring. I paired it with one of my most comfiest sleep tank tops I literally roll out of bed in. I also wore it with this black Zara blazer I bought in September. I loved the detailing on the shoulder and how it had subtle padding.

And of course, the black heels. My favorite
They went perfectly with the shoulders on the blazer, how could I not?

x, Arielle

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