Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Alexa Meyer Photography
(Skirt: Elizabeth&James, Shirt: National Jean Company, Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell, Sunglasses: Vintage)

I got this shirt one random day at National Jeans while looking for jeans, it was 45 dollars and one of the coziest looking long sleeves I’ve ever seen. Not only is it extremely soft but it’s that worn in grey which you don’t see often anymore. The skirt my sister gave me a while back that I honestly wear with everything and anything. It could be casual like it is here or I could dress it up with a really pretty top.

My wedges are the best ever. I never want to take them off, it doesn’t even feel like I have a heel on, yet I’m taller than everyone when wearing these. I’m kind of disappointed though that on the side of the shirt it says love&music. Kind of cheesy, but I deal. It also looks cute with black skinny jeans, and if you want to be super comfortable, with leggings. All around great shirt, and very cheap.


3 Responses to “love&music”

  1. dana says:

    that shirt looks so comfortable.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i LOVE this shirt. I went on the National Jean Company website but I can't find it…do you think they still sell it at their store??

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