Monday, March 29th, 2010






Photography: Jane Kim
(Blouse: Vintage, Shorts: Vintage, Booties: Colin Stuart, Cuff: Unknown (sister brought it home for me from a shoot, Makeup: Face Atelier)

People ask, when you shop for vintage pieces, how do you know what’s cool and what’s weird and an absolute no go? For example, some may look at this blouse and think just that. It is an emerald green blouse with leaves coming off the shoulders. Some may say Peter Pan, some may even think ugly. To me, when I shop at a vintage store, if something catches my eye (like this piece), I need to go over to that rack and pick it up and think of what I could do with it. This blouse gave me inspiration, it brought out a whole different side of my style, and I had to have it. I bought it at a vintage store on stanton and ludlow, and the place had some of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a while. This was just one of the pieces I tried on. I was a little annoyed when I accidentally handed them the wrong card to charge it on and they didn’t know how to do returns. (How does a clothing based store not know how to do returns?) Although, I am never one to return. I never understood returning. I mean, you decide at the store before you buy it, how annoying is it to go back and return? Anyway, I fell in love with this shirt, mostly because of the color (which the pictures don’t do its justice) and the big shoulders. The leaves are actually velcro, but you see the velcro attachment if you velcro the leaves off. Weird.
Also, in all of my pictures I’ve been using this new blush from Face Atelier. I am absolutely obsessed with it. On the site they have several options, but the one I’ve been using is amazing. It’s not only just a pink blush, it has a shimmer with it, (which I strongly believe and will argue it if I have to), makes you look tanner!!
RAINNN!!! Ugh.

Oh, and yes, I am wearing grey nailpolish – Chinchilly (Essie)

8 Responses to “atomsforpeace”

  1. Fashion By He says:

    big fan of the heels!

    -He approves

  2. says:


  3. Nikki Ashley says:

    That's so awesome that leaves are velcro! If you feeling crafty one day maybe you could try making alternate velcro epaulettes!

  4. Alecto says:

    I think grabbing that shirt was a good idea. Even if you only wear it once, it will definitely add an eclectic vibe to the rest of your closet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    love the pic of u kneeling with your hair sort of back and not parted- it looks great that way and your hair color is gorg!!

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. josephine says:

    so cute! love this outfit

  8. Anonymous says:

    where exactly is this vintage store on ludlow and stanton?

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