Saturday, March 27th, 2010


Photography: Jane Kim
(Pants: Elizabeth&James, Top: Silence&Noise, Headband: F21, Makeup: Face Atelier)

I love these pants but I’m not sure if they are for winter or I can also wear them in spring. I stole this top from my little sister, I’m finding tons of things in her left over clothing. The headband I’ve photographed before with my striped pants and sweater, I think it adds a fun aspect to my outfit, very girly. I think I destroyed Cam’s bed by jumping up and down on it, but it was the most fun. We loved the idea of taking pictures in a polished outfit on a messy bed. I wanted to wear something floral because I’m in spring mode, but for some reason today it’s 35 DEGREES OUT! What is going on?! How do we dress? I cleaned out my closets yesterday, it took me four hours. I had such a fit when I had to move the winter shoes to the back and hide all of my fur and velvet. Spring cleaning isn’t as chipper as it sounds!

5 Responses to “Sentimental”

  1. Nikki Ashley says:

    Both you and your sister have a beautiful sense of style. Love the bow.

  2. Shannon says:

    I want your bow!!! xx

  3. MAURANNE says:

    love the look!! and omg you live in N-Y so jalouse!! I'm following you!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I totally love your nail polish!
    Where is it from? What´s the name of the colour?

  5. Anonymous says:

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