soldiers poem

Sunday, March 28th, 2010





Photography: Jane Kim
(Hat: Topshop, Dress: H&M, Booties: Elizabeth&James, Gloves: Club Monaco, Makeup: Face Atelier)

I got this dress the other day on a hunt for the garden collection and came across this dress that wasn’t even apart of it. A chic Victoria Beckham like mini dress for 34 dollars! Can you believe that? Especially in this bright hue of red, perfect for summer. To make it a tad bit more wintery due to the freezing cold weather we’re enduring, I added this hat I got at Topshop a few months ago, and these leather gloves. Oh and my booties. They are way too big on me but I wear them anyway. The black necklace is one my grandmother gave to me. I actually wore it last night too, it’s so sexy I think. It’s like black pearls. I did go back to H&M two days ago for the garden collection, and found some really special pieces! Can’t wait to photograph them next week.

7 Responses to “soldiers poem”

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are really pretty, and i absolutely love your style.

  2. Fashion By He says:

    wow … looking very amazing!!

    -He approves

  3. Lainey says:

    That dress is so super cute! Very VB chic! I love the peplum skirt. So sexy.

  4. Arielle Noa says:

    thank you all!! :) xx

  5. Luzhilda says:

    beautiful booties, great with the red dress!

  6. Blue is in Fashion this Year says:

    You're featured on a collage post on my blog, ciao :)

  7. Svenja says:

    amazing dress.

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