Monday, April 5th, 2010





Photography: Cameron White
(On Arielle: Dress: H&M, Knee Socks: Topshop, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell)
(On Jane: Dress: H&M, Shoes: ZARA, Belt: Phillip Lim)

Ahh!! So excited about this post and the next few! When it comes to fashion, and creativity I immediately think of my good friend Jane. She is so unique and creative when it comes to fashion and art that instead of her taking the photographs I begged her to be IN the photographs with me, and style herself. Thankfully she caved in and it was the most fun photo shoot I’ve done! She had a lot of input and great ideas, plus it was less embarrassing to photograph on the street when with someone else. The bubbles were so much fun too, except my bubble blower thing made the WEIRDEST noise and wouldn’t fill up with bubbles. Throughout all of my attempts, I believe I swallowed a quarter of the bottle in total.
We both decided to wear cute girly dresses and pin our hair to the side. We sort of tried to match our outfits in each of the looks so that they could sort of tie together, hence both wearing wedges as well.
I am envious of Jan’es wedges, I can’t even borrow them because she is a size 6! Ugh.
I believe it’s time for everyone to take out their spring/summer dresses! This week is all in the 70′s!
I was so excited to see myself in Stylecaster – most stylish members of the week!
xx, Arielle

17 Responses to “bubbles.”

  1. Fashion By He says:

    great pics, amazing weather this weekend, hopefully it doesnt end

    -He approves

  2. Trop Rouge says:

    I am going to be enjoying this weather to the fullest!! I think that both your wedges are so adorable. I really need to score a white pair.

  3. Nikki Ashley says:

    love the shoes both the zara and jeffery campbell!

  4. elenarc says:

    preciosos vuestros zapatos!
    y los vestidos :)


    Both totally adorable!! x

  6. Lainey says:

    Oh how I love bubbles!

  7. electric feel says:

    just discovered your blog and i loooove it!
    would love to exchange links!?

  8. Shannon says:

    Cuuuuute dresses & wedges! xx

  9. yOka says:

    Love this pictures, great style!

    Are those zara wedges confortables?
    Im thinking on by those, but zara hoes are heavy.


  10. Alecto says:

    oooo! a well-deserved congratulations!

  11. Anonymous says:

    RUDE…I should be in these

    - pageant girl/3rd (left out) roommate

  12. JavierGandara says:

    Great blog¡ i follow you
    I love your photos¡
    I like the style of the white shoes girl
    You can see my blog.

    Sorry if there is something icorrect but my English isn´t very good because i´m from Spain

  13. The Style Safari says:

    Great pics & lovely outfits! Wish the weather here (Holland) was warm enough to wear dresses&skirts!

  14. TWIN CAT VINTAGE says:

    You are just too gorgeous, I just spent the last half hour going over all your previous posts and you have an amazing wardrobe!

    (I also died a little bit looking at the collection of shoes and boots in the E&J collection… woweee).

    I'll be following you for sure little lady.


  15. lulila says:

    Wow your blog is gorgeus!I love all your outfits and pics!I follow you!xoxo

  16. electric feel says:

    added you to my blogroll, too!
    have a nice day!

  17. Anonymous says:

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