Thursday, April 29th, 2010





Photography: Cameron White
(Jumper: CoreyLynnCalter, Belt: Polo Ralph Lauren, Wedges: Shoebox)

I bought this jumper two years ago that has also been passed around through my family. Both my sisters have worn it at least once. It’s a great piece that is easy to mutate into all different moods. You can make it comfortable, you can make it fancy, you can make it conservative, etc. It’s also a great color for a tan. I paired it with my snakeskin wedges that I got last year, that I hardly ever wear. I will though, I forgot how cute they were.

13 Responses to “invincible”

  1. Fashion By He says:

    love rompers, the belt is a great addition!

    -He approves

  2. Glamour Bbey. says:

    Hay dear!
    How are you?
    It's my first visit on your blog and he's really nice! You have such a great style!

    It would be nice of you, if you check my blog too! And maybe we can follow eachother?
    Let me know!

    Love, Cindy.

  3. Blue is in Fashion this Year says:

    You look great, love your style!

  4. joninel says:

    love your jumpers

  5. Laura says:

    I love love love your jumper! I want one too!

  6. Tee Sea says:

    I love the beige color of the romper and how it makes it a bit dressier but still perfect for the spring/summer!

    stop by my blogs!

  7. electric feel says:

    perfect summer outfit. i love your hair on these photos!

  8. B.M. says:

    I love the jumper with the belt..

    pass and check it if you have any time..


  9. jb says:

    love the top half of the jumper…the bottom pockets aren't my fave…
    the location is great though
    xx jb

  10. Kate says:

    darling you look amazing! I really adore your style


  11. Lela - seaseight says:

    the CoreyLynnCalter Jumper is amazing!

  12. CHRISTINA says:

    Wow,this jumper is amazing!
    Fits so well on you!WOW!

  13. Shannon King says:

    fucking love this romper..seriously. xx

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