Thursday, April 22nd, 2010





Photography: Cameron White
(Dress: Elizabeth and James, Shoes: Harajuku)

I’ve been most excited to talk about this dress. My older sister brought it home for me and it is my prized possession. It is so unbelievably amazing, my heart races every time I see it. The shoulders are filled with something, not shoulder pads, but stuff that makes it big and poofy. Ugh, I looove it! It’s so light and fits like a glove. It was a match made in heaven. I also just recently got these shoes that I refuse to take off, (I say that about all my shoes), but these are different, they are SO high, but have the biggest platform so you feel nothing. To top it all off, the dress has pockets. Oh how I love my pockets!

April 22
Today I’m wearing:


7 Responses to “passingthehat”

  1. Dip-tea says:

    Love the look! So bad-ass!

  2. Fashion By He says:

    always thought there was no reason women shouldnt get pockets in their dresses…looks great…noticed the ankle braclet, you dont see that too often, looks good

    -He approves

  3. xoLauraox09 says:

    Haha love the guitar,ankle bracelet and dress! I love the dress but I wouldn't wear it. Does that sound weird?

  4. joninel says:

    love that guitar!!

  5. The little Black List says:

    i love the dress…the shoulders and sleeves on it are amazing. def only works on petite girls. check out my blog if youd like, im a fellow new yorker…

  6. Lainey says:

    What a cool dress! I love the puffy sleeves! very chic.

  7. Lela - seaseight says:

    This Elizabeth and James dress is so cool! I want it too!

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