Sunday, April 11th, 2010





Photography: Cameron White
(On Jane: Dress: Target, Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell, Sunglasses: Chloe)
(On Arielle: Jumper: Joie, Shoes: Cindy, Headband: Barneys, Necklace: Vintage)

I have to credit my mother for this jumper. It was totally her choice, her pick, her find, and I was forced to “at least try it on.” I did, and voila. It is now mine, and a personal fave. I’m a big fan of Joie, and of ring pops as you can see. I’ve always been a fan of Joie though, I really love their stuff, very flowy, girly, and always fitting perfectly. Jane’s summery dress from Target was out of this world cool. I mean, it’s the prettiest color, and so chic looking, and from target? Tarjjjjaay. So much more chic, I mean I’m running out to get one of my own. This is the perfect night out or even day time dress for this summer. I love the light pastel-ish colors. They get me so excited for warm weather. Obviously the really warm weather in New York is during the week when we can’t lay out, then the weekend comes around and it’s back to the 50′s again. I mean….unfair.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

7 Responses to “ringpop.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    when did she get that dress? do you think it's available online?

  2. Lainey says:

    I was so shocked when I found that dress was from Target. It looks so chic and colorful. Perfect for the spring and summer season!

  3. proletkult says:

    wow that movement(?)-pic is awesome!

  4. Style Funkshion says:

    I love love love the Target dress with the JC wedges! what a find!

  5. Shannon says:

    Love both outfits!!! xx

  6. Sarra R. says:

    i follow you now for about 2 weeks and lord, you became one of my favorite blogs! always great pictures and always great style!!

  7. jane says:

    the target dress was from last year around this time from that target brand Messino? it's a messy script on the label so could never make out the name but hope that helped! you can find some great things in target.. this dress was $25!

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