Tuesday, April 13th, 2010




some shirts i’ve been creating. will begin selling them on my website soon, let me know thoughts!
x, A

14 Responses to “somethingnavy”

  1. V. says:

    I really, really like the first three pieces and the very last. They look immensely soft and flowy, exactly what I'm looking for in a perfect spring/summer shirt. It allk looks super good, tho! Keep it up!

  2. Ava says:

    yeah same here :D
    love those kind of shirts.
    youve got talent :D

  3. Style Funkshion says:

    ooooh I'm gonna get the pocket tank (top right), I love the color!

  4. Ania says:

    you know which one is my favvvv!!! AHHH!

  5. Audrey S. says:

    They are wonderful,especially the 4 last ones <3

  6. BittersweetKindaNew says:

    Oooooo love love love these!!!!

  7. Arielle Noa says:

    thanks guys!!

  8. stilettolover91 says:

    I love them all!! HOT!!

  9. Ugly Cute says:

    pretty girl, these are great!

  10. carly says:

    there seriously isn't one of them i don't love…great materials and ideas

  11. KK says:

    looks like alternative apparel/baily 44/fluxus etc…hmm

  12. Fashion By He says:

    did not realize you were a designer too, great shirts…great body

    -He approves

  13. miriam says:

    love shirt nr.2,3, and 4
    damn hot!

  14. dirtyglitterazzi says:

    i love them all!!!!

    how have u been making them?

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