Monday, April 26th, 2010

photography: cameron white
(denimjacket: earljeans, dress: clu, shoes: miu miu, hat: vintage, bracelets: emily.pellman, ring: f21)

i found this vintage hat in my mothers closet. i assume it’s something she wore when she was in her 20′s. i always find these things that i never in a million years would think to buy, but i make it work. it’s really fun to find old things and make them into a new idea, a new concept. i love a mini dress with a denim jacket for this spring/summer. denim jackets will always be in for me, they are so relevant and cute. while i love the perfect trenchcoat, it’s also great to have a light mini jacket. this jacket was mine in the 7th grade, i mean do you recall earl jeans? is earl jeans still around even? anyway, i saved it, and now wear it again. these shoes, i can’t remember where i got them but it was a few years ago. i wanted candy apple red, my only issue with the shoe is that they are not high enough for me. i hardly ever wear them, but they’re a great color so i try to squeeze them into an outfit every once in a while.
praying for bret michaels!!! i’m so sad for what he is going through

2 Responses to “tornado”

  1. Fashion By He says:

    love the hat and matching shoes!

    -He approves

  2. joninel says:

    really love your red hat!!!…

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