Friday, April 16th, 2010




Photography: Cameron White
(Romper: Vintage, Belt: Polo Ralph Lauren, Sunglasses: Shopnastygal, Shoes: Miu Miu, Necklace: Grandmas)

Again, can’t take credit for this romper since it’s my little sisters. It was her vintage find and I guess she’d rather it be in New York than in Florida with her, so I’m taking extra good care of it! I love the look of brown and black so instead of belting it with black, I figured I”d add some color into it, and to tie it in I paired it with my distressed Miu Miu pumps. Which by the way, I got on an amazing sale FOUR years ago! Yup, I’m a saver. I treasure this black bead necklace my grandmother gave me, I think it’s so classy in an unconventional way. We walked over to this playground to take photographs of a swing set, but that was the one thing the playground didn’t have. What playground doesn’t have a swing set? That’s the best part! Thank god we took these pictures yesterday when it was beautiful out, we really got the best of the day.

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  2. Lainey says:

    I'm obsessed with polka dots right now too! In my latest outfit post, I'm actually wearing a vintage polka dot dress as well. It's addicting.

  3. Donna says:

    I absolutely LOVE this playsuit! So much!

  4. Katy says:

    so cute! just got here from lookbook — i love your blog!

  5. Arielle Noa says:

    thank you!!! xxx

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