Thursday, May 13th, 2010





Photography: Cameron White
(Shirt: Vintage, Shorts: BEBE)

I got this shirt in a Miami vintage store about three years ago. I think they’ve made several shirts that look like it, but it’s really special. It’s great colors and really pretty for the summer. I always pair it with my tight high waisted black bebe shorts because it’s kind of a difficult shirt to wear. I am really excited for my outfit tomorrow night. I am going to an event organized by my best friends friend, and I’m wearing my red peplum dress. I’ve been dying to find somewhere to wear it and tomorrow is the perfect night!
Lots of pictures to come! xx

11 Responses to “peter”

  1. joninel says:

    love that sequins top!!!…gorgeous

  2. Fashion By He says:

    thats an awesome top!

    -He approves

  3. Nikki Ashley says:

    That's such a neat find!

    xo Nikki Ashley

  4. pikys says:

    Preciosa, la camisa, las fotos….

  5. xoLauraox09 says:

    Love the top! So pretty <3


    x x x x

  6. Shannon King says:

    Wow what a gorgeous top! xx

  7. Princess Charlotte says:

    that top and your hair….perfection.

  8. Glamour Bbey. says:

    Lovely top!

  9. DaisyLine says:

    wow this shirt is amazing ! :D

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