Monday, June 14th, 2010





photography: danielle
(vest: forever 21, shorts: bldg, boots: hunter)
BONFIM.someone asked in comments a few posts ago if i’d ever wear these boots on a regular day…OF COURSE! i know hunter rain boots are “trendy” but i genuinely love these rain boots for a rainy day. i chose an odd color but i wanted to pick a color i wouldn’t ordinarily wear, i feel like with rain boots it’s ok to be a bit risky. the only issue i have with them is that they look weird with denim, but i’d prefer not to wear denim on a rainy day anyway. wet jean material is one of my biggest pet peeves! ahh, cringing just writing that. most importantly, the vest. 29 dollar vest from forever 21. it’s SO fun. it has every color in the book, and it’s perfect for over a bathing suit. i did a recent forever21 shop and was happily surprised of the things they had. it’s a good place to do a mini summer shop to update your wardrobe and find at least 5 things all up to 100 dollars. can’t go wrong.
happy monday! x,a

6 Responses to “bonfim”

  1. Eli says:

    nice photos…;)


    great vest!! Such a festival look, with those boots especially! x

  3. STYLE DU MONDE says:

    You look awesome as always! Your pic is on refinery:

    Have a wonderful week!


  4. Arielle Noa says:

    ahh thank you so much! love it! xxx

  5. Anonymous says:

    you have no body and barely a cute look. Stop thinking your mary kate

  6. Anonymous says:

    how long ago did you get that vest? I absolutely love it and can't find it at any forever.

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