Friday, June 4th, 2010






Photographed & Styled by: Casey Brooks
(Shorts: Forever 21, Pink Shirt: Resurrection, Green top: Dior, Scarf: Missoni, Rings: F21, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Necklace: Istanbul flea market)

Carrie. The first adjective that came to mind when I put this outfit on was fun. All the colors in this outfit scream Casey. She is always dressed up in bright fun colors, which she portrayed through this outfit. We both just saw SATC 2 and were Carrie inspired. This shirt and the scarf are very Carrie Bradshaw, we were really excited to add our own little touch into it. This amazing necklace is from an Istanbul flea market, it’s such a special piece and looks so cool added with all of the other colors. How can I not talk about the shoes…they are the coolest pair of Louboutins. Hot pink with confetti? So fun. Have a great weekend all!
x, A

12 Responses to “Carrie”

  1. says:

    Not only was this one of the most fun looks to shoot (I got to do splits mid-air), but the colors are mesmerizing… i definitely will be wearing these shoes today ;)

  2. stilettolover91 says:

    Those shoes are so cute!!!!! Why no pics of u wearing them though????

  3. Life is better with Converse says:

    AMAZING!!!! ADORE IT!!!!!!

  4. lookilike says:

    Love this!!

  5. The Little Black List says:

    very carrie. love the christians….

  6. says:

    A little hard to jump on a trampoline in Loubs… don't you think?

  7. Anonymous says:

    cuz theyre prob not hers and dont they fit her ha

  8. JULIA says:

    this is such a carrie outfit, you just need the desert and the rest of the girls and you're straight outta the movie

  9. Marie says:

    aww you are so cute, love all your outfits

  10. electric feel says:

    funky outfit!

  11. nicoletta says:

    I chose your photo to THE BEST LOOK
    Come see what you think


  12. Yanine says:

    So crazy cool!! Love the combination of colors :)

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