Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010






Photographed & Styled by: Casey Brooks
(Dress: Zara, Shoes: Miu Miu, Rings: Forever 21, Vintage, Necklace: Tory Burch, Long bead necklace: Made in Bali from medicine man

Charles. I guess I’m in yellow mode today. This is such a pretty color, Casey had a brilliant idea of doing it in the library because it’s very uptown girl-ish. Casey paired it with these AMAZING Miu Miu mary jane pumps. I think this whole outfit changes your entire day. It makes everything ten times brighter. It’s certainly eye catching. The brown wood necklace comes together really well with the wood behind me. I can’t stress enough how comfortable these shoes are even though they look like a lot. This was one of my favorite looks we did of the day, because it was super girly.
x, A

9 Responses to “Charles”

  1. joninel says:

    love that miu-miu heels…

  2. ari says:

    love the yellow on you, looks great :)

  3. Jasmin says:

    cool pictures :-) like the outfit and the location very much! <3

  4. CHRISTINA says:

    Oh i love love love this dress!:)

  5. morganne says:

    gorgeous everything, you are so stunning, I love what you wear, Im a big something navy fan :) I check it daily :)

    have a great day :)

  6. Arielle Noa says:

    thank you so much, i'm soo glad to hear!!! xx

  7. Pingu says:

    this dress is just too cute :) you look gorgeous


    The shoooooes, i am in love!

  9. longge says:

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