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photography: janekim
(dress: doucetteduvall, belt: h&m, hat: patricia underwood, shoes: valentino)
finally i get to introduce on my blog DoucetteDuvall! I was lucky enough to meet with one of the creators of this amazing line, Annebet. She sat down with me for an interview on how DoucetteDuvall began and her inspiration. She brought me a few pieces that I died over, the next few posts will be dedicated to doucetteduvall and some of the fabulous pieces for the fall line.
1. How did you first go about starting your line?
A: I lived in a walk up in little Italy and my neighbor and I decided to start a line together.
2. What is your favorite collection for fall?
A: Proenza Schouler – resort. Love the mix and match style.
3. What is your inspiration behind the collection?
A: Menswear was the biggest inspiration, sort of like your boyfriends clothing.
4. How do you create a line that will stand out from other collections?
A: It is really hard. Every collection of ours is superior to the collection before that. We try to make it eco friendly, and a lot of prints and mixing and matching.
5. What are you wearing today? And how do you describe your own style?
A: My dress is Doucette Duvall, my shoes are Marc Jacobs, and jewelry is Jennifer Miller. My style is about being comfortable. Mostly vintage t-shirts.
6. What advice can you give girls who are trying to start their own line? Where do they begin?
A: It’s a lot simpler than you would think. Do what it is you like and feel, and GET a business manager. Produce locally (NY+LA).
7. What are your 3 must haves in your closet for fall?
A: I own a business so I’m not really a big shopper, but 1. brooklyn bridge ring by Noir, 2. A franny pack (Fanny pack), and 3. lots of shoes!
8. Can you describe your line in 3 words?
A: Every girl, downtown-uptown, cozy, menswear, wools, heavy silks, basically stuff you want to wear.

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  1. FashionHippieLoves says:

    Love the colour of your dress!


  2. Jasmin says:

    your hat is soo chic!! nice outfit and lovely blog darling <3

  3. Rocío says:

    lovely outfit!!!! :D :D

  4. lisa says:

    just some friendly advice!

    you should make the width of all your photos the same. it looks bad to have all different widths. making them the same width will definitely clan up the look of the site and will make it easier to enjoy your amazeballs pictures!

    also, you should make it so that people can click the header to go back to the home page. it sucks having to keep clicking back or renetering the blog address.

    keep it up love the pics!

  5. DaisyLine says:

    wow this dress is amazing! I love your outfits :)

  6. ari says:

    that dress is lovely! I love the color, and that it's velvet!

  7. Nadalyn Margaret says:

    love the color!!

  8. SandrHa OrtHer says:

    i love your style….

  9. Fashion Chalet says:

    Great dress and you have the legs for it.

    http:// Fashion CHALET . blogspot . com


  10. Fuji Files says:

    Ooh I'm wedding dress shopping (not my own)and this looks perfect! Not white, beautiful color, texture, modest. Where can I get it!

    xx Cristina

  11. Fuji Files says:

    P.S. none of the retailers have that one you're wearing :(

  12. Shirly says:

    beautiful dress. you look wonderful!

  13. Chloe says:

    your dress is beautiful! The color the shape and the cut!

  14. electric feel says:

    the dress and the colour- amazing!

  15. Contempo Ingenue says:

    that dress is amazing on you! especially love how you styled it with the hat

    the contemporary ingenue

    xoxo E&L

  16. bravegrrl says:

    amazing dress. i love the color :)

  17. NOIR_XXX says:

    this outfit is perfect!!

  18. Zinta and Sylvia says:

    Your photos are always interesting. Love the dress. I have been hunting for a black velvet dress for a while myself, but this makes me want a coloured velvet dress!
    xx Zinta

  19. Death Wears Diamond Jewellery says:

    just spent the last 30mins browsing your blog and i am obsessed! you dear are too gorgeous for words and i love how you style your outfits. i am going to add you to my links page bc everyone needs to see you!

  20. Shhhh says:

    That dress is absolutely beautiful, the colour, the fabric everything, love love love!

  21. Anonymous says:

    amen lisa!!

  22. Sky Pies says:

    Oh my goodness I love your blog and your style is to die for. I am definitely a new follower. The dress is absolutely beautiful and I love how you teamed it with a hat! <3

  23. Carlotta says:

    really nice blog, if you want come to visit mine..

  24. FASHION SNAG says:

    I love your style and the way you write! xo

  25. Emilie says:

    That dress is amazing! Love the color!

  26. Sara Louise says:

    wow what a stunning colour on you

  27. FRANKI says:

    this is amazing
    noa youre AMAZING!


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