Monday, June 7th, 2010






Photographed & Styled by: Casey Brooks
(Shirt: Vintage Ralph Lauren, Shorts: Forever21, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Headband: Handmade artisan uknown, Necklace: Vintage)

Floral. This one is my favorite outfit. I am in love with floral. It makes everything brighter and happier as cliche as that sounds. The flowers have a way of putting you in a better mood. Every time I walk into Forever21 I always pick up anything floral, even if it’s not something I’d normally wear- I find a way to make it work. I feel like it’s always a good idea to pick up anything that appeals to you even if it’s out of the box for you. Mixing things that don’t necessarily match or things you wouldn’t normally think would look okay, wind up looking better than you’d imagine. Clashing florals make it ten times better, more appealing, more interesting. Floral overload includes this headband which I’d wear with absolutely anything. It’s so sweet and reminds me of the American Girl Dolls. I kind of feel like one in this look. Thoughts on mixing florals?!
x, Arielle

7 Responses to “Floral”


    I love mixing florals. What would be a fashion faux pas a few years ago, now actually looks so hot! I actually thought you were wearing a floral romper (one piece) until i read the description.
    And what a gorgeous bunch of flowers you're holding.
    xx so pretty

  2. stilettolover91 says:

    Beautiful dress!!


  3. Eli says:

    i love your style!!! ;)

  4. Anonymous says:

    i think mixing florals is usually tough but you pulled it off!!! loving this.

  5. ari says:

    i love your mix of florals! :):)
    and the cogs look great with it..
    i have some nearly identical ones from JC

  6. heltonhill says:

    I am completely obsessed with those clogs! xoxox

  7. Cindy says:

    oh my gosh i'm in love with those shorts!

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