Wednesday, June 16th, 2010



photography: danielle
(shirt: basics, skirt: silence&noise, tights: unknown, shoes: forever21)
danielle brought these tights for me from a shoot she did in london, she figured i would get good use out of them. i love them. i had a pair with black polka dots but danielle ripped them
jane and i are taking pictures today, i’m trying to create an inspiration board for myself, not sure what i’m in the mood for though. first picture will be loaded tomorrow, we are taking photographs at the armory where marc jacobs has his shows, so i’m excited for that – considering he’s totally been coming back to his own.

4 Responses to “londonbridge.”

  1. Fashion By He says:

    blue hair is very cool…gonna use you for a post on friday!


  2. cristina says:

    Me gustan las medias. un beso

  3. Anonymous says:

    blue hair is kind of a turn off on a classy girl

  4. Anonymous says:

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