Thursday, June 10th, 2010



photography: danielle
(Skirt: Silence&Noise, Top: Alannah Hill, Knee Highs: Unknown)
MAX. we really went to great lengths for these photographs. i love them the most. in a way they kind of tell a story but i’ll leave it up to you guys to create your own story. I don’t know if i can describe this outfit…it was more a mix of feelings portrayed through fabric, and black lace bunny ears? i felt like a little girl again, being home, running around, playing dress up with my big sister. Danielle brought me these knee highs back from London, i kind of wish i put shoes on while standing by this tree, i got bombarded by ants – it was a lovely 4 minutes. i probably won’t be posting too much this weekend since it’s my birthday, but everyone have a great weekend, enjoy the sun! i’m off to the hamptons to celebrate!

6 Responses to “MAX”

  1. Fashion By He says:

    thigh highs are always a winner

    -HE approves

  2. Between Venus and Saturn says:

    Can't get over your blue hair.. Fuck yeah!

  3. joninel says:

    love your headband. and your blue hair :)

  4. Shannon King says:

    Don't cover up that outfit! Love your blue streaks. xx

  5. JULIA says:

    zee blue hair is so very avatar, i love it.

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