Sunday, June 6th, 2010



Photographed & Styled by: Casey Brooks
(Pants: Ivy, Black Knit Tank: Vintage, Yellow Shirt: Prada, Shoes: Zara, Earrings: Fenton Fallen, Necklace: Vintage)
Riccardo. I absolutely die for these pants. Not only are they super comfortable but they are the only striped pants I’d ever wear. Actually, that’s a lie – I’ve worn other striped pants but these are just cool in their own way. The yellow sleeveless blouse is a stolen vintage Prada shirt from the one and only place I shop, my mothers closet. These pictures were all done on a whim. It was after a long weekend, so the hammock was my favorite place to shoot. Doesn’t get any better than being in a peaceful environment, swaying on a hammock in beautiful weather, and of course in a really great outfit. I am as we speak on the hunt for a birthday dress. My birthday is the 13th but celebrating this saturday the 12th, so I don’t have much time. Any suggestions?! Something bright and summery!
x, A

6 Responses to “Riccardo”

  1. Nikki Ashley says:

    Such a cute summer outfit! Love!

    xo Nikki Ashley

  2. caseybrooksNYC.com says:

    A few things things about this look other than the fact that IDIE for it…

    1. Earrings didn't get enough credit, I love how Fenton Fallon does the perfect job of designing jewelry with both an edgy and sexy/feminine balance, they were a V-day gift from my boyfriend and the best gift ever- Don't forget to check out Fenton Fallon's collaboration with J.Crew, so many fabulous pieces!
    2. These pants as i'm sure many of you remember are a total Balenciaga knock-off. We have all seen unfortunate cases of girls trying to pull off the Balenciaga stripe but i knew Arielle would rock it well, and the contrast of the hammock netting makes for great artistic quality in this photo!
    3. I still think you should have called this look Rasputtin. Great Post Ar, can't wait for bday dress shopping!

  3. Head to Toes says:

    i want your pants!!!! i am so in love with them. such an awesome style

  4. Anonymous says:

    where are the pants sold? you look awesome!

  5. caseybrooksNYC.com says:

    These pants were purchased at Intermix NY however this was years ago… good luck!
    xo Casey

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