Monday, July 12th, 2010




photography: janekim
(shirt: doucetteduvall, jumper: american apparel, shoes: tila march belt: h&m )
finally back in action! just wrapped up the coach holiday shoot today, i was able to photograph my HUGE hair they decided to give me. it looked so incredibly cool – and the outfit was not normal, but you’ll just have to wait and see
i walked into american apparel the other day and was surprised to find such great things and not expensive. i bought this really comfortable jumper that i honestly have not taken off in days. it is so worth the 48 dollars, and i was recently spotted by fashionbyhe on the street in this jumper and my topshop wedges. i love heels with comfy clothes, i also just love heels regardless
lots more to come this week! x

10 Responses to “Davis”

  1. Fashion By He says:

    great jumper, you look amazing in it, no matter how you style it!



  2. bravegrrl says:

    you look amazing. love the jumper… i've been contemplating it for awhile :)

  3. Kirsty.Billie says:

    I love your shirt…
    & your blog!
    I am so thankful that I came across it

    Please check out my blog

  4. Briana Laemel says:

    loving this look! i have a jumpsuit just like this… can't wait to wear it similar!


  5. Lela - seaseight says:

    Love how you wear the sweater jumper!

  6. CHRISTINA says:

    I`m in love with this jumper!WOW!
    Great combination:D

  7. Sara Louise says:

    that looks great , the style of the grey could look sloppy but you make it look so styled and put-together

  8. Lucia ? says:

    This look is great! I love the jumpsuit! Is it attached to a shirt or did you wear a shirt underneath?

  9. costra y ampolla says:

    WOOW, this look is really cool, very sporty!!

  10. Hayley Golightly Style says:

    love the jumper! too adorable!


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