Thursday, July 1st, 2010





photography: janekim
(top: american apparel, skirt: doucetteduvall, boots: steve madden)
this is one of my favorite pieces from the fall line. i love the detailing of this skirt, the colors and the extra fabric that is layered off. i’m so upset this is all fall because it’s impossible to not want to wear it all right now. this sweater i just picked up the other day at american apparel, last one they had! it sort of reminds me of h&m garden collection jacket…sort of. i wore it last night to soho house rooftop because whenever i buy something, i need to wear it immediately. i wore it with shorts though so i didn’t look crazy. plus it was 70 degrees, that’s cold for a rooftop! anyway, packing up my hamptons bag right now for my fourth of july weekend, lots of red white and blue coming with me!
happy fourth of july all, and hi to all my new followers!!
have a great weekend
x, a

30 Responses to “Tucker”

  1. Dip-tea says:

    I absolutely love the texture and pattern of both the skirt and the blouse. So hot!

  2. Bub says:

    Love the skirt dear! Love the whole outfit, the skirt is stunning on you
    follow me?

  3. EIGHT LONDON says:

    Just caught your blog over on knightcat … darling, you have some seriously jammy style. Massive wardrobe/apartment envy!


  4. FASHION SNAG says:

    You look cute in whatever you wear! You make it work. Have fun in the Hamptons =) x


  5. ari says:

    love the skirt!

  6. Nadalyn Margaret says:

    love the skirt and the sweater! cute pictures

  7. G E N I E says:

    Me encantó la falda!!
    (I Just adore that skirt!)


  8. bravegrrl says:


  9. Carlotta says:

    hi love this outfit , it's really cute..
    if you want check out my new blog and leave a comment :) kiss

  10. Emilie says:

    Love the skirt and the ears…
    You look awesome!

  11. Laura says:

    The ears make me crazy. Where did you buy? The skirt is very special for both colors in form! You deserve praise and a 10 :-). I'm sorry for my incorrect English

    Follow me if you like
    A kiss

  12. The Vogue Diaries says:

    love your blog! now following!


  13. cleo says:

    newly found and love your blog:)
    great outfit and im a big fan of bunny ears too:)

  14. Emily says:

    Lusting this outfit.. I agree the hardest part is waiting til the weather is right! The ears are adorable too :) (Now following your blog!)


  15. marie says:

    I love your shoes, I'm looking for a similar pair for fall. you have awesome style! <3

  16. Nacked Girl says:

    I came into your blog yesterday for the first time … and I've seen it all already, I love every outfit.
    I follow you

  17. Celine says:

    The skirt is so cute and playful!!

  18. carling says:

    love the pics! especially the skirt& bunny ears;)

    Come follow my blog:


  19. katkas says:

    wow love your skirt! great blog too!


  20. Lucia ? says:

    Just discovered you! you're awesome, I absolutely adore your style!
    following you via bloglovin and here!
    xoxo and happy friday! ;)

  21. UP WORLD by KC says:

    awesome blog.cool
    come here :)

  22. that girl lucy says:

    oh yess, mazing skirt! and did you make those gorgeous Maison Michel style lace bunny ears? love them x

  23. japantoypanic says:

    I really like your skirt girl :) x

  24. Gia says:

    Girl, what a style:) I think I just saw a photo of you on Elle.com, so I went immediately and search for your blog!
    What a lovely top and the skirt is even better…
    Check out my blog whenever you have some time, you'll make me happy.



  25. d says:

    lovin the biker boots! x

  26. Eli says:

    is that really from American Apparel?? its amazing!

  27. Kendr? says:

    I love your blog, the photos are great!
    I would love to exchange links with you if you would like to?

    Let me know :)


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