United Nude

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

United Nude.





Photography: JaneKim
(Skirt: American Apparel, Top: Calvin Klein, Shoes: United Nude, Rings: F21)

::: United Nude.
I’d finally like to introduce a favorite pair of heels that reside in my closet. A friend of mine, Tess, who works at United Nude, was kind enough to let me come into the store and pick a pair that stood out to me. It was very difficult, considering the store was filled with eccentric shoes in different shapes, forms, and colors. They are shoes designed by an architect which I thought was so unique. I mean, sometimes when I wear them, I look down for a second and think I have toilet paper stuck to my heel – but for the most part I get an insane amount of comments. The top is a vintage Calvin Klein that I am in love with. Thanks again mom – works so perfectly with my united nudes. How major is this color green by the way?!

18 Responses to “United Nude”

  1. g_i_u_l_i_a_A. says:

    insanely cool shoes!
    love them

  2. Fashion By He says:

    awesome heels, love the top too, you look great.

    big fan of Tess

    -He approves


  3. The Little Black List says:

    great shoes girlie…. styled wonderfully. you'll have to stop by and pick up some fall shoes. they are f@cking insane

  4. Li says:

    Love the outfit, especially the heels!

  5. dear kate says:

    the heels are absolutely fantastic! good selection.

  6. Laura says:

    Where do you get all these clothes? Do you buy them or get them free? I'm so jealous!

  7. FASHION ICE says:

    sweet shoes so unique!

  8. FASHION SNAG says:

    Love your heels!


  9. photos de Mode says:

    wow gorge look! I absolutely j'adore those heels!!

    you got an amazing style girl ;)

  10. Amalina says:

    The skirt is so adorable… the green of your shoes is definitely something different!

    xo http://www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  11. Clem says:

    OMG I insanely fell in love with your shoes

  12. EIGHT by JAZZY says:


  13. Cornelia says:

    Hi there!
    Love your blog (and skirt)!
    I was just wondering… I've created a blog with blogspot.com but I cannot get my pictures as big as yours even though I select that I want the biggest photos possible.
    Would love your help.

  14. Trop Rouge says:

    wow i love those shoes, so very lucky i would of lvoed to have picked out a pair.
    I wish I would of been able to talk to you more at the shoot.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I own like, 9 pairs of United Nude :)
    Love ur photos xxxx

  16. stilettostetico says:

    WOow so at a first glance this (very well-worn) mix neo-romantic skirt / fanciful shoes can sound a little too eccentric BUT it finally creates such a refreshing cocktail of Trendy / kindly baroque creativity !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  17. ari says:

    ammmmaaazzziinng! shoes.

  18. Anonymous says:

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