Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

(dress: doo ri)
it feels like it’s been forever since i posted an outfit? i’ve been super busy. last week was filled with amazing upcoming projects. the olsenboye holiday campaign, the japan nylon feature – i’m really looking forward to all the holiday campaigns to come out, including the coach shoot i did in july. anyway, this dress – i mean, it speaks for itself. i thought it was so pretty but in an edgy sort of way. the colors and print are so unpredictable on a dress like this which is what i loved. danielle brought these shoes home for me from a shoot. i felt the same way about the shoes as i did the dress. the shoes are just a really pretty pump but then the bottom part throws in this unpredictable edge. what is that about? i’m actually just noticing it now while looking at the pictures. this was a total coincidence!
happy tuesday!

15 Responses to “unpredictable”

  1. Luzhilda says:

    In looooooove, with your shooooooes!!!

  2. Kaye says:

    Man, those shoes are pretty special!


  3. Eden says:

    really cute dress:)))

  4. Kara Marie says:

    very pretty!

  5. amber says:

    the dress is gorgeous, and the the shoes really are perfect! :)


  6. ? T ? says:

    those shoes are insanely pretty.


    xx T

  7. Rosie says:

    Lovely…..PERFECTION!!! Love your blog, you truly are an inspiration. Feel free to take a look at my blog if you get a chance.

  8. The Shopping Forecast says:

    Your hair looks fantastic in these photos!

  9. Tariro says:

    You look AMAZING! love the photos & love your blog!

  10. Liana says:

    i love this outfit, and you're right, all the little details keep it from looking too prim :)

  11. The Fashion Cloud says:

    I absolutely love your shoes! where are they from?

    gorgeous and creative as always


  12. Anonymous says:

    an "amazingly coordinated chicly-edgy-outfit," & love your "playful nature (w/tousled hair)" in the photos, especially the last w/you seemingly "skipping, so happily, merrily along!" "too, too cute!" :) xoxo

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