night light.

Monday, October 18th, 2010

photography: jane kim
(shirt: elizabeth and james, slip: vintage, knee socks: topshop, shoes: sam edelman)
i apologize times a thousand for not updating in so long! i have been super super busy with all great things that i will 100 percent be sharing with all of you! i’m most excited for my kenneth cole dinner tomorrow night and my drastic change to my appearance that is taking place on tuesday (going to be a surprise). jane and i will be taking photographs tuesday night so i will be able to share with everyone immediately! in other news, this is one of my favorite blouses. it’s this sheer black blouse that sort of reminds me of a garment that would be worn in the adamms family house. it’s eerie but in the most feminine way. i didn’t want to take much away from the top so i just put a vintage black slip i bought a few years ago underneath it. it’s always great to buy a slip – it comes in handy. i also wanted to tell everyone to check out galadarling for the first sneak peek behind the scenes video of our olsenboye holiday campaign video!
i have a lot of fun exciting things coming up including my big move into my new apt, my secret activity on tuesday, my project with olsenboye, my project with society of LES, my project with japan nylon, and my project for the coach holiday campaign. so many collaborations so many amazing opportunities to share with everyone! i will photograph and post every step of the way
have a great monday!

9 Responses to “night light.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    arielle, babe, your beauty brings this so ever to mind…!!! :) xoxo

    We should bathe our spirits in the deep, pure feeling that stirs within us when we gaze on the glories of His creation. That is the way to know God as beauty.

    Paramahansa Yogananda

  2. FASHION SNAG says:

    I love the shirt over the slip!

  3. Wild Cat says:

    I loooove that top!

  4. Das What She Said says:

    I"m all about thigh high socks right now!


  5. Emily and Abigail says:

    lust lust lusting the coloring in these pics!! Great leg warmers as well!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    great post w/amazing photography & lighting/tinting effects! so readily brings to mind, evokes a couple fairly recent popular songs by two major musical artists/groups — pussycat dolls & justin timberlake. three guesses, & i'll jus' bet most can guess exactly which two to which i allude…, right, hahaha!? lil' hint, "…girlfriend," & "bring…" ;) xoxo

  7. lucy says:

    Interesting drees, love the transparence!

  8. Laetitia┬┤s Comptoir says:

    Beautiful shirt!

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