Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

(onesie: urban outfitters, trench: gap, shoes: topshop)
i made a ballsy move the other night out. i literally wore a sheer onesie that i bought a few months back with just tights. even though it was super mini and sheer it looked too cool to not pursue. sometimes a little bit of inappropriateness in fashion gives me an adrenaline rush. sort of like how jane birkin would walk around with her boobs showing through her tops. she was the epitomy of cool. i love something mini with a long trench – pure chicness. i’m off to enjoy this beautiful fall day, can’t wait to pick my outfit out.
happy sunday!

7 Responses to “onesie.”

  1. koko // res pulchrae says:

    i'm into all things sheer right now, on the lookout for the perfect sheer maxi skirt.

    somehow throwing a trench coat over anything questionable makes the outfit way more wearable!

  2. Tariro says:

    Love the trench!

  3. Anonymous says:

    "oooh la la la! 'magnifique et tres jolie, l'art de trench…!'" ;) xoxo

  4. Amy says:

    Love it! I totally agree, it's a rush – and who's to say what's inappropriate anyway? Sometimes it's way more fun to translate the runway directly and go to extremes.

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