Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Photography: Jane Kim
(Skirt: Prada, Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Kazabat, Hat: Topshop)
I’m sad to announce that these are my last and final photographs from the old apartment! It’s so crazy, a majority of my blogs photographs took place in this apartment. It’s almost like a new chapter of the blog, which of course, I’m beyond excited for. My blog and I are moving forward. I got these shoes as a gift from my mother. I’ve been dying for them so I haven’t really been able to take them off. I love the distressed grey. I have the busiest week/weekend coming up. Tomorrow is the launch of my Olsenboye Holiday Campaign video, friday night is the launch of the Coach Holiday campaign at the Soho store, saturday I have a super exciting shoot for a magazine, and sunday is my Society of LES photoshoot that I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. It will be really fun to be able to share everything with everyone! Have a great week

15 Responses to “Distress”

  1. devorelebeaumonstre. says:

    ahh that all sounds so exciting! good luck with everything & congrats! xx

    ohh & loving those boots too!


  2. La fashionelle says:

    great outfit! love your knit!

  3. Haru says:

    I'm looking forward to your upcoming outfit post!
    Have fun with the photo shoot :D
    Love your shoes and sweater x

    Haru x

  4. Bub says:

    Looking forward to see this new apartment of yours! Love the outfit babes

    new post

  5. Carmen To says:

    cute outfit!
    you're so skinny! :)

  6. Jamie Sanford says:

    Those are great shoes. Are we going to get more pictures of your new fabulous closet?

  7. Jose Camacho says:

    Love the pleated skirt with the shoes.

    Jose C.


  8. Eden says:

    amazing outfit! the shoes are def killers! and have a great week:)))

  9. Eli says:

    amazing skirt and shoes…cute look ;) xoxo Eli

  10. amber says:

    the shoes are amazing! love love them!!

  11. Amalina says:

    Pleated skirts seem to be making a comeback…you're rockin' yours!


  12. Lucy says:

    Love those shoes!!

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