Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Photography: Jane Kim
(Top: Topshop, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Bag: Chanel, Gloves: Club Monaco, Skirt/Bottom: Unknown)
I love this sequined sweater. I try to wear it as often as possible but it’s definitely the type of sweater you could get sick of fast. It’s a lot so I try to space it out. It really brought out the blonde in my hair. It’s been fun playing around with my clothing and seeing what works better now that I’m blonde/brunette. Certain colors look good on me now when they never used to. My second guest blogging post on Olsenboye goes up today and I’m beyond excited to announce that our film we worked TWELVE hours on goes live on MONDAY!!! I can not wait, the days couldn’t be going by any slower. Also next week, my issue of Japan Nylon comes out where I have two pages featured on me. It’s definitely going to be a weird feeling seeing these things happen, but great weird for sure.

11 Responses to “golden”

  1. FASHION SNAG says:

    Love the sweater!

  2. Eden says:

    looooving so much that sweater, right now obsessed with golden stuff :)))

  3. verseastyle says:

    I am with Eden – So into golden stuff right now with black :) Beautiful Arielle!

  4. devorelebeaumonstre. says:

    that sweater is perfect!

  5. Skinny Walk says:

    Love it :)

  6. CHRISTINA says:

    Love it,too.Beautiful!

  7. Anonymous says:

    "all that glitters…" — "wow!", does even moreso, when there's such amazingly "sparkling, scintillating, golden symbiosis!" :) xoxo

    btw, ms. jane kim's, indeed, "gloriously golden" as well! as she creates truly breathtakingly, phenomenal photography! :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    you have such a drug addict face….

  9. Anonymous says:

    jealousy/envy are such pathetic/ugly emotions, expending evil energy which far more negatively impacts institagor (whatever semblance of soul/spirit) than remotely any whatsoever intended towards target. so, sooo sad… :(

  10. the indigo juveniles says:

    i love this gold sweater
    just discovered your blog, new favourite

  11. christina says:

    Love the sweater! Great piece xxx

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