Jane Kim of SomethingNavy

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Photography & Styling: Me
(First look: Dress: Raphael Ceramano, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Second look: Tshirt: Vintage, Necklace: Coach, Fur coat: Zara
Third look: Top: Vintage, Trousers: Topshop, Booties: Necessary clothing)
A lot of readers are very curious and interested in the photographer of SomethingNavy. I’d like to introduce Jane Kim, the greatest photographer on the planet! She has such an amazing talent and is so creative and fun to work with. I decided it would be a fun idea to do a mini shoot on her.

11 Responses to “Jane Kim of SomethingNavy”

  1. Omgitstiffduh says:

    Love these outfits!

  2. Jose Camacho says:

    Great photos, stylish ladies.

  3. bravegrrl says:

    such a cute shoot. i love the second look!

  4. christina says:

    I LOVE the 2nd look. She's so cute! I cook sitting on the tabletop too ;) xxx

  5. fashion is my song says:

    very cool

  6. CHRISTINA says:

    Stunning pics as always!

  7. vintage clothes london says:

    Have always wondered who took your pictures and almost thought you have been taking your own. Jane is beautiful!

  8. Cylia says:

    your so lucky!:) I wish I had a photographer like her.



  9. Anonymous says:

    You take better pictures than her…so wouldn't that make you the "greatest photographer on the planet!"??

    I smell fish!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the anon above me, you take better photos than her.

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