photos from this week NY 10/31

Monday, November 1st, 2010

photography: Danielle & I
here are a few photographs documenting my busy week, from packing up the old apartment, to apartment shopping, to closet organizing, to straining all muscles by carrying boxes and boxes of things into our new place, receiving new gifts, buying new things at my favorite vintage store, and so forth. it was all in good fun.

22 Responses to “photos from this week NY 10/31”

  1. Rosie says:

    I love that you're giving us extra posts on a Monday…always look forward to catching up on my blog reading and Something Navy is always one of my first stops :)


    I love love love your mirrored desk. Where is it from?

  3. Celine says:

    I love those desert boots and your new place looks gorgeous!

  4. zara says:

    I am in love with that peach and grey shirt! where's it from??

  5. Bub says:

    Wow you have a great closet space!! HA! I love it!! Hope you settle in to your new home!! Love what you and your friends are wearing!!

  6. J.S. says:

    looks like it was quite the eventful weekend!!

    I love your table in the first pic with the mirrored top, so cute!


  7. bravegrrl says:

    great closet!

  8. Trop Rouge says:

    okay im visiting! haha

  9. FASHION SNAG says:

    Love these photos! Looks so busy!

  10. heylila says:

    wow, the new appartement looks great, especially the closet. In which part of the city do you live?
    Where is your fur coat from?


  11. Amalina says:

    I love a good, clean & organized wardrobe ;)

  12. Anonymous says:

    vicariously sensing excitement, busyness, & adventurousness of experience w/you! "sooo coool!" :)

    couple photos w/radiant sparkling sunbursts — "tooo coool!" :) xoxo

  13. Martina Mercedes Corradetti says:

    i'm in love with your closet

    The Fashion Coffee

  14. J. Marianna says:

    Good luck in your new apartment Arielle! The time you put into your closet was worth it, because it looks amazing! I'm sure you will be throwing great holiday parties in that kitchen.

  15. karyn starr says:

    lovely to see you as always today. thank you for your help! new closet looks dreamy x karyn

  16. Brittoon In says:

    What is the vintage shop called???

  17. devorelebeaumonstre. says:

    the actual moving part of moving is never fun but your new apartment looks nice. :)

  18. Libby Morris says:

    I deff need to learn to organize my closet like yours. Taking tips from these photos!

  19. Arielle Noa says:

    @Cinchedatthewaist: The mirrored desk is vintage.
    @Zara: Peach and grey button down, also vintage.
    @HeyLila: Fur coat is from Forever21, right now!
    @KarynStarr: So nice to see you, as always!!!

  20. Katz NYC says:

    Holy cow! That closet is in NYC apartment??? Love the kitchen too!

  21. Micaela says:

    I love love love your velvet leggings! xx

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