one way

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Photography: Cameron White
(Shoes: Harajuku lovers, pants: Necessary Clothing, Shirt: Marc Jacobs, Blazer: Zara, Jewelry: Vintage)
Goodmorning. I am going to attempt to peel myself out of bed today although it seems it will be pretty difficult. Being sick has taken over and it’s not a good feeling! In this look I am wearing one of my favorite blouses I own. It’s different then anything I have and it gives credit to that whole menswear look that is being praised at the moment. I’ve got a lot of love for these shoes. Once you wear them a few times in a row, they are the most comfortable shoes, but the first time – torture. I’d do anything for these though. It felt nice to use my grandma’s vintage jewelry again. I feel like I haven’t taken any of it since this summer.

29 Responses to “one way”

  1. Camilla. says:

    that shirt is stunning x

  2. Fashion Agony says:

    Yeah, i love the shirt too! Good styling.

  3. Dylana Suarez says:

    Amazing blazer!


  4. The Brunette Shake says:

    I friggen ADORE your blog!! I am a new follower, so glad i stummbled onto your blog, you have such great style. Please check out my blog and follow me back :)

  5. fashion is my song says:

    this outfit is very amazing…

  6. kellebelle says:

    This is an absolute GEM of an outfit!
    You look like Olivia from the City!

  7. Jay says:

    I love this!! So adorable :)

  8. Martina says:

    Really a great outfit! I think I like everything about it. The blouse and the shoes are my favourite :)

  9. Lluvia says:

    In love with this outfit! Especially the top & pants.


  10. Fashion Stylist_ka says:

    fantastic look, love it :)

  11. annierama says:

    the marc jacobs shirt is gorgeous!
    I love the whole look! and the bow looks really fabulous!

  12. Glamour Bbey. says:

    Such a stunning outfit! The sweater and heels are my favourites!

    Love Cindy

  13. Libra says:

    Cute look! <3
    I checked out your blog and I'm amazed! Really nice outfits- and you… beautiful! wish u all the best in the fashion industry :)

    p.s luv the leggings :)

  14. Michelle says:

    Drop dead gorgeous!

  15. surfvintage says:

    Lovely bow!

  16. Ali S. says:

    I love the shoes!

  17. Jen S. says:

    cute outfit, I love that shirt…


  18. says:


  19. Lauren says:

    Gorgeous shirt!
    Hope you have a fabulous week xoxo

    My online fashion accessory store, check it out!

  20. margarita ts says:

    amazing outfit!you look gorgeous!

  21. Rossaaay says:

    wow, wow, wow. That outfit is amazing and your hair is gorgeous. Love it all :)

  22. Emma says:

    gosh! I love your style!
    and your blog as well

    I'm following you :)


  23. Ria says:

    That blouse is so perfect.

  24. Maria Chloe says:

    gorgeous, and what an amazing outfit

  25. Mitica illustrations says:

    I saw a few page of your blog!! You have a great style!!
    I will come back for sure!!

    Kisses from Spain!

  26. Eli says:

    hello…i love your style…xoxo eli

  27. koast to koast says:

    LURRveeee this look lady ;)

    xx Kayti and Kels

  28. Paulien says:

    What a pretty & masuclin outfit!

  29. Sara says:

    You're look are great! and you're very beautiful as Olivia Palermo… I like your hair!

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