Friday, January 21st, 2011

Photography: Jane Kim
(Shorts: Topshop, Bra: Stella McCartney, Jacket: Topshop, Shoes: Acne)
I love the look of these short/underwear things. They’re very Sienna Miller/Edie Sedgewick. My sister bought this amazing blazer at Topshop before Mexico and I was a bit hesitant of the color. It’s different and looks cool on, but still unclear. I can’t wait for tomorrow to style and model for the Singer22 photoshoot. I will take tons of pics and videos to share with everyone over the weekend. I have to begin prepping and creating an inspiration board. I start working with Singer22 this week, styling, guest blogging, and modeling for their company. If you’ve never been on the site, go to it now, you will become addicted. They have every single brand you could possibly imagine, and what I’m most excited to do is show ways to mix all these things together with my own personal style. Stay tuned for a lot of exciting upcoming projects.

22 Responses to “copper”

  1. magnolia*mama says:

    girl you are rockin a pair of sweater undies. I don't think I could say that to a lot of people :)

  2. BRAD says:

    1st off ? Congratulations on the Singer22 Deal! ? Well deserved…. Show 'em how it's done, East Coast style, will ya'…!! ?

    Now ? ? those SHORTS on you!! Those legs are KILLER!! :-) Bellissima…

    Congrats again…..


  3. Dylana Suarez says:

    Beautiful blazer!


  4. Camilla. says:

    Those shorts are so cute, as are the shoes x

  5. yamina beyondURclothes says:

    amazing outfit, such a great model !!!

    xx, yamina.

  6. Gorete Sousa says:

    Nice look and pics!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    SUCH a carrie bradshaw outfit! LOVE

  8. Shilpi says:

    I love copper on your skin tone! Looking great



  9. Hippie Fruit says:

    Wow ! I am stunned by the outfit !! Really nicely put together !! Loving the color choices!! xx

  10. new fashion says:

    Like how you styled those sweater undies, but aren't you in NYC? I'm not far from there and it feels like it's zero degrees! Hope your apartment is well-heated. :-)

  11. Stiletto-aholic says:

    I love that jacket, it's such a nice colour and looks so nice on you!

  12. Rich Girls. says:

    far beyond my favourite outfit of yours!
    super cute. those little shorts are so lovely. and the blazer – so kate bosworth.
    congratualtions on singer22! x.

  13. Wolfpack Culture says:

    I love the bra so cute!

  14. Natasha Rao says:

    who is the necklace by? CONGRATS!:) Love the copper/rust color! They are selling a lot of this color at H&M right now too.

  15. Trop Rouge says:

    these shots are so pretty!

  16. Melissa says:

    amazing shoes! gorgeous photos :)

  17. Style Worthwhile says:

    You look hot! That blazer is great.


  18. Lali says:


  19. ????? says:

    ????? ????????? ??? ?????.??????????

  20. Glamour Bbey. says:

    The color of the blazer looks great on you! I love this outfit xx

  21. Sharla says:

    your style is incredible.
    the blazer looks amazing!

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