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Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Oversized Blouse, Leggings, Sunglasses.
The blouse speaks for itself, but would you ever of imagined a pair of leggings with attached leg warmers? No. For your everyday New Yorker, these are the perfect comfortable hang out leggings.

Dress, Sunglasses, Boots
I am so in love with these Kate Bosworth-ish boots. I wore them all day yesterday.
Jeans, T-shirt, Cardigan
I have been searching everywhere for a great beige denim. Finally found the perfect pair by JBrand.
Leggings, T-shirt, Blazer, Hat, Necklace
I have been eyeing this hat for a couple months now. It’s so chic. Its a step away from the typical fedora, finally a different hat that adds character to an outfit.

Shop with me every week at! I will post my looks of the day at least three times a week and post a link to direct you to the exact spot of where to buy it online. I will play around in the warehouse and put together my favorite pieces, looks, outfits and talk about different ways to wear them. Starting tomorrow we will be creating a theme for each day. Hope everyone enjoys this new addition from SomethingNavy and Singer22.
Also, feel free to check out my own section on Singer22′s website that will launch this week
X, Arielle

13 Responses to “Shop with Singer22 and me!”

  1. alexa says:

    lookin good

  2. Lauren says:

    Love the over-sized blouse! x

  3. Anonymous says:



    congrats for this opportunity :)

    I will be waiting the updates of your outfit posts! :)

    regards!! and enjoy the week :D

  5. Sofia says:


  6. E says:

    You're the LUCKIEST! I wish I lived in NYC and had as many opportunities as you! You're doing an amazing job with Singer22, keep it up!


  7. Anonymous says:

    it's "shop with singer 22 and me"…sorry i'm a huge fan but also a grammar nerd, thought you'd want to know :)

  8. BRAD says:

    You are the PERFECT model for that NightCap Clothing gold mini-dress – You look AMAZING! ?


  9. Sara says:

    You look absolutely amazing, as always!
    And congrats to you for this opportunity!

  10. nicole b. says:

    love love love it!
    so far so good with singer22! can't wait for the future looks <3

  11. Rebecca says:

    I really like the dress in the second outfit!

  12. Anonymous says:

    your title should be "shop with singer22 and ME…not I"

  13. Rene Braun says:

    Beautiful photos!!!


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