Friday, February 11th, 2011

What an amazing kick off to fashion week. I attended the Christian Siriano show last night with my mom and dad to watch the amazing styling of my most talented sister Danielle. I sat next to the chic Nicole Berrie as we swooned over every outfit that came down the runway. The looks were so calming and delicate. The colors were perfection, pale pink, greens, greys. My sister couldn’t have done a better job. Her style effortlessly showed through each look and truly made the clothing as sleek and classy as ever. The ball gown tuliped skirt and turtle neck shirts were hands down my favorite looks, and the last look was a flowy pink rosed skirt with a laid back grey t-shirt. Unreal. I am so incredibly proud of my sister who has inspired and impressed me so much. We took her out for a dinner afterwards to celebrate and then hit the Christian Siriano after party which was beyond fun. Danced to oldies and drank lots of wine.
I was so excited to wear this Winter Kate dress from I have been waiting for the moment to wear it out in public – and it was the perfect night for it. Luckily it’s long sleeve so I didn’t freeze – that’s a lie. I was numb. It was unbearably cold last night, so today I opted for Winter Kate velvet shorts, an Inhabit sweater, and my big fur leopard coat all from Singer22.
1 down today 6 more to go! Off to Lincoln Center to shoot for Elle Japan now with the lovely Trop Rouge.
Happy friday!

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  1. Wild Cat says:

    Eeek, I met your sister on set for Olsenboye! You girls are both so, so gorgeous and talented!

  2. Kayla says:

    You bloggers at fashion week make me so jealous! Have fun for all of us who couldn't be there.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. Love the Fashion of your Life says:

    wonderful pictures :)
    where are your shoes from? on the first picture ;)
    lovely greets from me

  4. Katz NYC says:

    You look stunning in that sparkly gold and black. Must be so exciting to attend all these shows with the fashionable crowd.

  5. Gemma says:

    Your hair are faboulous! Love your sparkling outfit!!

  6. Taylor says:

    I love the dress, and the show looks beautiful. Now I want to see pictures of the velvet shorts!

  7. Sonia says:

    Your dress is divine. Completely obsessed.

  8. Catherine says:

    lucky you. and your outfit is just perfect, i'm in love with your dress and your bag xx

  9. devorelebeaumonstre. says:

    that's sickk. you look gorgeous & big congrats to your way talented sister! xx

  10. BRAD says:

    So…. Looks like style, talent & beauty run in the family! :-)

    Really enjoyed this Post… ?

    baci ? Brad

  11. Shilpi says:

    wow! gorgeous dresses there



  12. Preppy Please says:

    Love the gold dress ;)

  13. mo says:

    What in amazing, incredible and stunning show, your sister have done an expectacular job!!!
    Love all the looks, so elegants and chics!
    And of couerse you look so pretty, the gold dress was perfect for the ocassion.

  14. Memmu says:

    Have to adore that golden dress of yours! <3 Love also all the looks from the runway… :)

  15. Gabriela Monsanto says:

    Great outfit! The styling of the show looks awesome.

  16. lovelydisco says:

    I saw you at Rebecca Minkoff yesterday! Loved your coat.

  17. Arielle Noa says:

    Thank you guys!!! xxxx

  18. Ria says:

    Loving the looks, loving the dress in the last shot.

  19. Wolfpack Culture says:

    Looking gorgeous lady. And those gowns are just amazing! Love the last photo too.



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