Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Photography: Jane Kim
(Dress: Joie, Shoes: F21, Jewelry: Singer22)
I was so excited when BlueStripe PR told me I could borrow some pieces for fashion week. I arrived at their showroom to find racks and racks of clothing and I had my choice of 5 pieces. I chose this Joie floral dress because it’s so pretty and sweet. I love a dress that includes straps but then the sleeves fall over. It’s very old day pretty. To add a little of my own style with it, I paired some cool silver jewelry from Singer22 and a pair of knee highs.

27 Responses to “floral”

  1. FLEUR DAILY says:

    WOW, amazing outfit!



  2. Gorete Sousa says:

    Great Look and Pics!!!


  3. Lady-Pa says:

    wow i love this dress!

  4. María José says:

    I love your dress! Great photos!!

  5. zeste de citron says:

    this dress is gorgeous !

  6. j. says:

    amazing look! that shoes … awesome <3



    Lovely dress…great look…great pictures!

  8. Carissa says:

    I love anything flowery <3

  9. Dylana Suarez says:

    Gorgeous jumper!



  10. pikys says:

    Llevo un tiempo buscando esas calzas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Joy McC says:

    Stunning dress honey! Been following your blog for a while now, and you never disappoint! xx

  12. Tariro says:

    You look gorgeous!

  13. Ana says:

    Whole outfit is AMAZING!!!

  14. Hello My Name is Katie says:

    Cute shoes. I've never purchased F21 shoes before. By the thickness of the heel, they look pretty comfy. Do they have a fairly cushioned heel?

  15. devorelebeaumonstre. says:

    I've been looking for a dress like this for awhile now.. something 90's-ish with floral print.. you look gorgeous. x


  16. BRAD says:

    You've made an 'everyday' floral dress look sleek & chic ? Really….genius!! ?


    baci ? Brad

  17. Twins says:

    Love the dress with theflower and the high socks! So !!!!ROCKMANTIQUE!!!!.
    A good outfit between the winter and the spring! Well done babe!! ;-)

    hope to hear from you on our blog xx


  18. BRUNETTE BRAID says:

    This is why you are one of my favorite bloggers!!
    I LOVEEEEE This outfit!! :D


  19. Christina says:

    Lovely outfit!
    Would love to make an interview with you,where can i sent my questions?

  20. esiul says:

    oh my god I love love love your dress!!! it's so cute, pretty… just stunning!!!

  21. Leire says:

    I´m in love with your shoes!!!!great outfit and blog!

  22. Catherine says:

    your dress is amazing! wow. Really like your outfit. xoxo

  23. margaritats says:

    gorgeous dress!

  24. Wolfpack Culture says:

    Such a cute outfit xx


  25. Jay says:

    wow, I really love that dress! :)


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